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Full size mapping for Prague event venues Gothic cellars are available as event venue in Prague with us Troja chatteau Prague venue Prague chatteau as a venue for events Medieval convent turned into Prague event venue by Maxin PRAGUE Full customization of event venue in Prague Customized Prague event venue exterior view Event venue customization for product presentation in prague Futuristic bar can be smartly utilized as a Prague event venue Dark setup in Prague event venue Prague palace completely transformed for event purposes by Maxin PRAGUE Interior train coupe model for event venues Prague customization Outdoor event venue in Prague built by Maxin PRAGUE Gala setup customized in Prague event venue Gala and party organized in Prague palace venue Fair palace venue in Prague customized for gala dinner Detailed adjustment of event venue by Maxin PRAGUE Palace in Prague event venue exterior Customization of event venue can include everything you think of


Prague event manager is more than just a Prague venue finder

With all the organization experience we possess, we believe that more than a venue finder is needed for discovering the perfect Prague venue for your event. The city hosts an unparalleled variety of venues that can be classified by countless characteristics. Former convents from the Middle Ages, exhibition palaces, Prague nobility estates, a wide range of hotels, as well as clubs, restaurants, boats or even desecrated churches – all of these venues can be found in Prague. We know there is much more to consider than appearance, capacity or measurements.

With us you purchase knowledge of specific and proven suppliers to bejewel any venue with the most suitable components and decorations. We will save your precious time and energy by recommending Prague venue well accessible by transportation needed for your event, and support it with lighting, AV and stage solutions, so that

at the end they look and work for you in they way you might have never imagined – maybe in the way such venue had never looked and worked before. Carefully adjusted “details that create excellence” will please your attendees as they enjoy the unforgettable experience in any Prague venue you choose for them. And we will be delighted to help you.


"Prague venues handpicked and dressed in perfection"

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Percept - Prague Baroque Palace Event Venue