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Catalyst Czech Republic

Maxin PRAGUE is the exclusive provider of latest team building programs in our country


Maxin PRAGUE had started with teambuilding programs very soon after the foundation of the company in 1999. They matched other event parts that were delivered to our international clients perfectly. Along the route of improving our own teambuilding portfolio more and more, we encountered several barriers though: It’s far from simple to build a high quality teambuilding program, we learnt, not even mentioning the desirable goal of having a whole scale of programs that would really stand out from the rest of whatever there is on the market. We wanted to offer innovation, lightness, high level of development and fun.


Then we discovered the global community of teambuilding program specialists called Catalyst.


Catalyst products are exclusively provided by Maxin PRAGUE in the Czech Republic. They include a wide variety of programs and are able to offer the perfect teambuilding solution for any occasion:


  • We are able to improve specific skills of your team that you choose.

  • Management and implementation of changes, Customer service, Negotiation skills, Risk management, Team dynamics, Budget control, Team unity, Cross-department cooperation, Corporate responsibility, Practical Leadership, Project planning, Brand awareness, Exploring excellence, Creativity boost, Visualising the Future, Communication strategies, Fun and motivation

  • Indoor and outdoor activities

  • Focus, as well as relax and energizers

  • Teambuilding for small groups, as well as huge conferences

  • Teambuilding can be brought to your office


Find more information at our new website:

Catalyst Czech Republic Exclusive Provider

The Catalyst Global organization is the visionary network of teambuilding inventors and builders, who are focusing extraordinary and ingenious activities for companies. It was founded more than twenty-five years ago to produce games for adults. Thanks to its quality and understanding of clients, as well as products, it became the biggest teambuilding network in the world, having members in over 40 countries of the world. Catalyst creates and develops its ideas to inspire, excite, attract, motivate and challenge, lead to better communication, increase trust towards other team members and boost the team spirit.


At the same time, teambuilding programs are produced by members themselves, so that all advantages of crowdsourcing are possible to be utilized, enabling these members to have an immediate access to the very best of what there is in teambuilding all over the planet. Members are chosen very carefully in Catalyst and we are very glad that our negotiation lead to common satisfaction and the desired result: Maxin PRAGUE brings Catalyst Teambuilding exclusively to Prague and the Czech Republic!

Maxin PRAGUE Teambuilding References

 "Talented organizer of customized team building programs in Prague"

Action Samba-based teambuilding program BEATS WORK

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Customized team building in Prague