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Prague Winter Fairy Tale Event Design

In winter time Prague usually gets sparkling snowy coat and the atmosphere in the city centre offers something else than during the rest of the year.


Families, friends and colleagues meet each other and take a walk in picturesque alleys of the historical Old Town carrying cup of hot wine and sharing roasted chestnuts. Just few days before Christmas everybody wants to meet here in the heart of our charming city to enjoy winter charm of the city centre while aroma of cinnamon cakes together with tones of carols spread around our Christmas markets.


This time of the year it is perfect opportunity to organize company Year End celebrations. Believe it or not, it does not have to be all the same every year and yet you can enjoy traditions with your colleagues. 


"Once upon a time Fairytale Theme" event design we brought into charming island neo-renaissance palace on the Vltava River in Prague, where Year End Celebration took place for more than 900 guests. Volunteering employees of the client rehearsed with us weeks in advance, participated in stage performances and played actors in tailored fairy tale story. Together we had written the fairy tale story, selected music and composed complete choreography. The key acting role of grandmother sitting in the armchair and reading a story to her granddaughter revealed storyline of the evening. Action, drama and romance these all traditional fairytale scenes were performed by non-professionals on the stage and ovation belonged to these participants with no doubt. Atmosphere lights and decors, as well as theme activities in fairytale decorated rooms in the palace offered something for everybody. If one was not a fan of World of Magic inspiration could be found in Arabian Nights Lounge, Ice Queen Room or find traditional delicacies in Kingdom area. For a moment everybody believed it’s their fairytale evening this night. 


When leaving a Year End Celebration, walking in the Old Town of Prague in this time of the year it does not take much to imagine it is one frosty fairytale all around. Let us connect the fairy tale of Christmas Prague and professional Prague event design with wishes of all the best for friends, colleagues, travellers and destinations in 2014.


Prague event design: Katka Valdaufova, Martina Kurimska