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Best dealers' Prague Event Design

Our partners gave us another excellent opportunity to use our creative flair and produce 3 different event design nights and an experience day in a brewery on top of that. The most exciting challenge was to introduce a luxury train journey to the next destination of the group trip. We created a Prague theme event party for 400 guests where this journey was to be launched and we had to do it in a hotel ballroom with a low ceiling - no space for large scale projections or anything similar. We produced nearly-life-size replicas of the train exterior and interior and these were placed to the side walls of the hotel ballroom. Then we collected period furniture and theme accessories from around the whole country, dressed hostesses in luxury train staff uniforms and when the welcome reception doors opened, the guests were stepping into a luxury train coupés at the sound of whistles and arriving train. The illusion was just perfect.

“It was fantastic, you completely got the idea“, Emy De La Mare, partner company Events Manager

Prague Event Design Team: Katka Karlova, Martina Kurimska, Zuzana Leginusova