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Destination management quality you will recognize

When we founded Maxin PRAGUE in 1999, we had great destination management knowledge and 25 years of tourism expertise. We created service partnerships with the best providers on the market and quickly gained their trust, loyalty and responsiveness – both regarding services as well as costs. 

The DMC world has changed a lot since then. Quality of service and depth of knowledge are still our advantages, but because of tough international competition, it's not always these aspects that make the final difference for the client to choose us and stay. That is why we never stop pushing ourselves forward. As an international team of industry experts, we began to produce as many services as possible in house, sensitively implementing the latest technologies to offer the best added value from the synergy and insight.

The phrase “Details Create Excellence” in our logo expresses how carefully we manage each of those details for you. Only in that way can we really import your own values, goals and marketing messages into the services you buy with us – to make your clients or partners attending happy, relaxed, motivated and loyal. Also we are honoured to have become members of the most prestigious global associations in the business – such as EUROMIC, MPI, SITE and World of DMCs. This way we share destination management information and experience with the best. Welcome in the wonderful world of Prague DMC.


"The best added value. Guaranteed."

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