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Event quality improvement through top-end smartphone technology

Technology evolves faster than ever before in the events business. That is why we prepared this case study of the mobile app Maxin PRAGUE has developed for a 4,500 attendees congress. It is also important to mention that in general, any size and purpose of event can benefit from contemporary event technologies, such as this one. We hope this short story will give you more information on how you can make your attendees happier and your events even more successful.
This mobile application, unlike others we utilize for our events, was not built all-in-house. But even with one of the best mobile application producers in the world as a partner / supplier, it is never a finished product you just pick and take from the shelf, if the experience for your attendees aims to be flawless, complex and satisfying
1. Purpose of the App
Decision No. 1 is to define, what benefits would it bring to your event attendees, if you invested EUR 2,000 to EUR 20,000 into your customized event App. It depends heavily, whom you contract for the job, as well as the extent of experience you want to be providing to your event attendees. Also, this point sets up the strategy that will determine many later steps in the application setting and launch.
Among the most usual goals of the app it can be:
- User-to-User networking
- Attendee personal schedule management
- Information delivery
o Push notifications and direct messages for individuals or groups for immediate and urgent matters
o Static information loaded into the app, such as: Destination guide, Venue information, Event FAQ or many others, including interactive maps and navigation
- Relax from the demanding program
- Interaction with organization through streamed event social media channels
- Interaction with others through private event social timeline
- Cloud content generation for the event viral buzz around the event (previous one vice versa)
- Receive any important news
- Provide you with data for your or your sponsors’ purposes
- React real-time in polls and surveys
- Marketing purposes (even merchandise support)
- Fundraising and monetization through banner campaigns and advertising spaces for the event sponsors
It is already visible that there are many kinds of things that your event attendees can be doing in the app. It helps very much, when your DMC can understand your event’s purpose to help you adjust these complex tools accordingly – to help you find the right strategy for your event mobile application.
2. Graphics / App identity
Branding and custom design of the app belong mostly to the premium features of mobile applications, but we believe it is so important in the process of building the app, that we put it on the second place of this case study guideline list.
Probably the most important function of the event mobile application is to bring event attendees more direct and more personal experience attending the event. Psychologically it begins with the very moment they see the icon of the app in their app store (apps can be optimized for all platforms and this choice is also very important). The icon is already a part of the design – of the message you want to transmit to the attendees. Is it any interesting or does it connect to the event branding obviously? Well, then it is going to be downloaded by more people and that is success for your mobile application, because the higher the ROI of your investment. Then the loading so-called “splash” screen appears, and then users see the content of the App. Step by step you can build their loyalty and popularity of the your event app.
Not everyone has the experience with the designing process of any data content (such as by Event production). These help create general vision of the app and guide the client all the way to the App launch and later to the statistic evaluation of App usage. There is a fair chance that a quality DMC may have such experience and thus can lead you from a white board towards a mobile application designed to the tiniest detail.
3. Menu
There are certain rules that should be known before launching your event app into the world. The order of items in the menu, their shape, color, icons or photographs depicting individual buttons – that all decides which ones will have the attention of the app users and so, which ones you can offer them first according to the goals you set for the app in step 1.
4. Content
It is good to note that every mobile application has some content. It is good to think of what you like to place into your app, because only the more useful it will be, the more the app will be used and downloaded. User friendliness and the way in which the app is beneficial for users win it all.
Many different things can be uploaded into the app, such as: Event program and emergency contacts, generally useful information, any mapping, including online maps, local guide with a list of interesting and/or useful places in the venue / destination, you can stream content from your event’s social media into the app, or you may even import the RSS feed of your website news into the app. All together it supports the attendee experience of the people you invited for your event.
Some content is also created during the usage of the app, which you may want to use, such as: Image gallery of the content your users created themselves, any statistics for your sponsors and / or your next event organization, feedbacks, polls, surveys, … It is truly complex, even though it’s logical.
5. API / Connectivity
Modern Mobile Applications are connectable with other event management tools, so that the event organization is deadly accurate by keeping up just one information channel at the time (your website or your event management tool for example). There are tools called API and most of the contemporary event management tools have it, which enables the mobile application to automatically synchronize the data from other sections of organization to provide your mobile app users with precise and useful information 24/7 with no further assistance of many help desks around the venue or destination. Don’t hesitate to ask your provider about this feature if you’re interested.
6. Setup, timing, costs
By now you may have some better idea of how mobile applications may benefit the attendees of your events. Few of the last things needed are the operation conditions of such project. Very rough costs estimation had been mentioned: EUR 2,000 to EUR 20,000. According to our experience, the top frontier means a mobile app that features all you can want nowadays.
Building up the app, including all the trainings and content production, takes few months, depending especially on how many people you can afford working on the App content and excluding the content that is synchronized with outer sources through API.
We are looking forward to welcome you in Prague and the Czech Republic and support your events with even more than “just” this state of the art technology.